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My Story

I have been working as a Certified Life Coach and Mental Health Professional for over 20 years.  I grew up in West Hollywood, played sports most of my life, and have volunteered at many agencies helping kids, teens, and adults with challenges they have.  I have a B.A. Degree in Kinesiology, a M.A. Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and 2 Teaching Credentials.  I work with students with disabilities for LAUSD, teach kids English who live in China via the Internet, and I provide life coaching for individuals, couples, and families who are looking for answers in their life regarding career, business, money, health, relationships, fun and recreation, spirituality, personal growth, and balance in their lives. I run many groups:  Couples Communication, Teen Talk, Social Skills for Kids, Coaching Groups, ADD Support Groups, Positive Parenting Groups, LGBTQ Groups, Anger Management Groups (including Court Ordered), and a Public Speaking Skills Group. I am a Professional Speaker and seminar leader (What's in Your "Wish-I-Woulda" Bucket, The 7 Avenues to Living an Awesome Life, and the 7 C's and E's of a Highly Compelling and Effective Speaker).  I am an author and have 3 contributing chapters in books having to do with Self, Esteem, Achieving Abundance, and Success including Public Speaking.  I have won several speaking awards, served as President of many Toastmaster Clubs, served as the Executive Director and Trainer of a Crisis Hotline, am a Certified Trainer for a Speaking Boot Camp, am a National Trainer for Time to Teach (a program that teachers educators how to implement positive behavior management systems in their school setting), and I participate in many networking Chamber and Social Events.  I am a very positive, uplifting, understanding, patient, and inspirational person who will listen and guide you to find your own answers.  I believe in you and will support you!  I am here to help facilitate the positive changes you want to make in your life.  Your life can be whatever it is you choose!!!

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What I Believe

A positive mindset is crucial.  I believe thoughts are powerful and that we can change our thoughts to positive ones.  In doing so, you can access the positive living you want to have.  When your thoughts are positive and you learn how to deal with the challenges you face, you can live an amazing and awesome life.  Allow me to assist you in connecting your values to your dreams.  Then we can set goals.  I will show you how you can make it through the difficult times and how if your life is already working that you can achieve even more.  Wherever you are, we can work together to achieve the things and the feelings you want to carry in your heart and have in your life.


In Person Coaching.....$150

Skype Coaching.....$100

Individual, Couple, Family

Groups:  Couple Communication

      Positive Parenting

Teen Talk

Social Skills for Kids


Coaching Group

Anger Management (including court ordered or self referred)

ADD Support Group

Public Speaking Skills Group

Fee for Groups Range from $20 to $35 dollars depending on Group and Amount of Hours, each group varies

4910 Van Nuys Blvd. Suite 301

Sherman Oaks, CA  91403

Granada Hills Location Also Available

Workshops and Seminars:

What's in Your 'I Wish-I-Woulda" Bucket

The 7 Avenues to Awesome Living

The 7 C's and E's of a Highly Compelling and Effective Speaker

Contact me for Dates and Times of these Workshops.

(I will also customize for your organization as well as do Private Events at Homes)


"Jordana has helped me with my career choice as well as help me figure out what I should do with my relationship issue i was having.  She is patient and understanding"

..............................Teri S.

"Jordana is a riveting and compelling speaker.  She had us mesmerized"

...............................Larry W.

"Jordana's workshops are exciting and helpful"

............................Brittany Z.

In Jordana's group I felt she helped my spouse and I learn communication skills to take our relationship further along"

.............................Curtis B.

Marcus Aurelius

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”


Contact Me to Talk About How I Can Best Serve You.......complimentary consultation on the phone 

     (818) 280-9733 

(Products Below Have To Be Ordered on the Phone with Me at This Time)

818 280-9733

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818 280-9733

4910 Van Nuys Blvd. Suite 301 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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